Georgia Public Records Basics

Learn the basic information you need to obtain and understand GA public records

Georgia official records are maintained in a public access database that includes a wide range of legal and demographic information. Public records are kept at the federal, state and local levels, and Georgia state public records include personal records such as birth, death and marriage certificates, criminal records and court records. Some public records in Georgia can be obtained online, while others must be retrieved from local courts. It may be easier for you to screen your employees through an employee screening service rather than trying to search through the public records yourself.

You can use Georgia public records to conduct background checks of your employees in the state of Georgia, as well as to correct errors and discrepancies in the public record. A number of services allow you to search Georgia public records online, streamlining the search process for easy use of public records and enabling your employment screening software to perform background checks on your behalf.

When getting to know the Georgia public records basics, stick to the following categories for your public records search:

  1. Conduct a Georgia public records search online for easy browsing;
  2. Search criminal records in Georgia for public access to felony offenders;
  3. Use local court sites to find GA public records of legal proceedings.

Search state of Georgia public records easily online


Georgia official records are accessible online using a number of record database search tools. Public records are accessible to anyone without the need to seek special permission to access the records. While many search services are free, courthouses where the records are kept often charge an administrative or shipping fee for providing a copy of records for the purposes of background checks or other reasons.

Use public records in Georgia to conduct criminal background checks


A key piece of information to know about Georgia public records basics is that criminal records for felons are available to members of the public without consent from the individual. This means that in Georgia, employers can conduct criminal background checks using the public record without the use of a written consent form. Criminal records in Georgia cost $15 per individual.

Obtain Georgia official records from local courthouses


Many public records in Georgia, particularly legal records, are located at county courthouses, and can be viewed locally by members of the public free of charge. After conducting an online search for public records, you can contact or visit a local courthouse to learn the best way for your business to obtain a copy of the records you need.

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