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Use ghost disk image software for back up and disaster recovery

Having a ghost disk image handy is a great way to reduce business downtime in the event of a vital system crash. The primary ghost disk image provider is Norton Ghost, but another popular contender is Acronis' True Image. Both programs give you the ability to back up your main hard drive partition as a whole, instead of one file at a time like a typical backup utility.

Although disk imaging software was originally intended for large-scale deployment of computer systems, it's extremely useful as a backup tool. When you schedule a regular ghost disk image, information is far less likely to be lost. Minimize the impact of a hard drive crash or other computer catastrophe on your company's productivity by incorporating this practice into your disaster recovery routine:

  1. Purchase corporate or small business ghost disk image software.
  2. Create a regular ghost disk image of the main hard drive partition of your most important systems.
  3. If the cost of corporate software is prohibitive, consider a freeware ghost disk image solution.

Find Ghost Disk Image Software at a Reasonable Price

You can easily search the shopping section on Google for "disk image software" to compare prices on the most popular ghost disk image software. You can buy older versions for cheaper, of course, but the new versions should still be reasonably priced. Most companies offer discounted prices for larger number of licenses, so the more computers you wish to image, the cheaper the cost for each individual computer.

Decide Which Computers Require a Ghost Disk Image and Create a Disaster Recovery Plan

You'll probably come to the conclusion that every computer in your office isn't of vital importance. Decide which ones have the most volatile data, and would require the most current backup. These are the ones you want to focus on. You are the most knowledgeable about your business. If you don't feel comfortable using the software to create your own backup and disaster recovery plan, consult with an expert.

If Your Budget is Tight, Consider Freeware Ghost Disk Image Solutions

Money is tight for a lot of small business these days. If you can't spring for the corporate versions of the Acronis or Symentec ghost disk image software, you might be interested in a more simplistic solution. Keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Any freeware program comes with basically no support, so you have to be pretty confident that you can figure it out on your own!

  • Create a ghost disk image of a brand new system, and keep it in a safe place. While most computers come with a recovery partition that allows you to restore your computer to factory settings, this partition will only work as long as the hard drive is intact. A ghost disk image of the new system will let you do the same thing even in the event of hard drive failure.

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