GIS Consultants Education and Training

GIS consultants education and training is available through educational institutions and GIS-related publications

Geographic Information Systems (GIS), sometimes referred to as computer mapping, offers GIS consulting firms economic opportunities across a variety of disciplines. GIS is an important tool in environmental studies, urban planning, transportation, public works, public safety, demographics and marketing. GIS analysis can be as simple as clicking on a parcel to determine the property owner, street address or acreage, or it can perform more advanced analysis, such as identifying properties located within a floodplain for a specified geographic area.

Methods by which individuals can receive GIS Consultants Education and Training include:

1. Becoming certified in GIS

2. Earning a degree in GIS

3. Reading GIS-related publications

Earn a GIS certification and become qualified for GIS consulting opportunities

Open the door to GIS consultancy by completing GIS certification coursework, which will enable you to work as a private GIS consultant or seek employment with a GIS consulting business.
University of North Carolina Wilmington and the Eastern Connecticut State University offer curriculum that enables students to earn a GIS certification upon program completion.

Complete your GIS consultants education and training by earning a degree in GIS from a college

An increasing number of institutions of higher learning are offering degree and graduate programs in GIS. The curriculum offered to students can provide insight as to how GIS is instrumental in environmental, public safety and urban planning applications.
Arizona State University’s School of Geographical Sciences and the George Mason University Department of Geography and Earth Science offer bachelor's degree and graduate programs in GIS.

Remain up to date on GIS consulting services and technology by reading GIS -related publications.

GIS-related publications are an effective way to remain current on not only GIS applications but also on the latest in GIS technology. One can utilize information provided in GIS-related publications to not only increase personal knowledge, but to also gain insight as to how others are using GIS technology and in turn enhance and expand their own geographic information system consulting services. These publications may also provide information on employment opportunities for the geographic information system consultant.
ESRI, whose GIS software is the one most used by GIS consulting firms, offers a variety of GIS publications designed to keep the GIS specialist up to date on the latest the field of GIS. GISCafe is an online publication that enables subscribers to receive the latest in GIS technology, notice of GIS events and GIS employment opportunities. GeoPlace also offers online subscriptions to GeoWorld, a GIS magazine, and GeoReport, an online newsletter. In addition, GeoPlace provides GIS consulting firms the opportunity to advertise in their GeoDirectory.
  • Trade shows provide an excellent opportunity for GIS consulting companies to not only network, recruit business and hire GIS specialists through onsite interviews, but also gain to insight on the latest in GIS applications and technology.

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