Google Local Business Center

Get your business on the map with Google Local Business Center

The Google Local Business Center is a great tool to help customers find your business. It is a free way to literally get your business on the map, since millions of people search Google Maps every day.

Individuals search for a specific type of business in a certain area all the time. You most likely pay for advertising and market your business as best as you can, but if you aren't taking advantage of the free listings through Google Local Business Center, you are hiding from potential clients.

1. Make it easy for customers to find you by getting your business listed on Google Maps and through Google Local Business Center.

2. The Google Local Business Center is for a business of any size, and if you have more than one, you can maintain business listings from a single account.

3. You can update or edit your listing in Google Local Business Center any time you want.

4. Make sure to take advantage of the free printable coupons option to attract customers. You create the coupon that is right for your business.

Get your company listed now with your free Google Local Business Center account

Getting started with Google Local Business Center is simple and straightforward. You need to sign in, add all relevant business details including address, website URL, email contact, phone number, and a description. Once that information is in and your business has been verified, you'll be able to add more company details, like hours of operation, specify payment options, and even upload photos or video.

Dig deeper into the Google Local Business Center for the details you need

Google strives to make its interfaces as user-friendly as possible. Find useful help files and instructions to get you set up and working, and avail yourself of Google Local Business Center advice.

Find Google Local Business Center information with helpful consulting resources

You may find the services of a Google Local Business Center consultant helpful in determining the best search engine optimization (SEO) keywords to use as you list your company through Google Local Business Center. You'll pay for the consultations, but it'll help you use the best advertising possible and increase your site -- and front door -- traffic.
  • Google Local Business Center will verify your business information, so be sure to include a phone number where the company's automated system can reach you. If you choose not to enter a phone number, then you may have to confirm your listing through the mail.