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Due to the increased interest of consumers in Middle East supermarkets, Business Monitor International forecasts grocery retailers in the Middle East will grow 50% by the year 2012. The population of some of these Middle Eastern countries is largely young and growing in affluence. Middle Eastern supermarkets flourish because shoppers are receptive to the supermarket format. It’s modern and affords them the opportunity to shop as a social activity.

French internationalists were the first to introduce the hypermarket concept of grocery to the Middle East. It has proven so successful that some Middle Eastern grocers quickly followed suit. Outside of the top 10 purveyors, Middle Eastern groceries receive supplies from national or regional stores that center on specific items like bread or meat. Keep the following in mind while investigating these business prospects:

1. Outlets for food in the Middle East are mostly overlooked by international companies, leaving impressive growth opportunities in a virtually untapped market.

2. Most of the grocery stores in Middle East are small specialty shops.

3. Some Middle Eastern countries are involved in provincial disputes.

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Major supermarket and hypermarket chains cover the region, both foreign-based and local.
Among the top grocery chains in the Middle East are Bou Khalil (Lebanon), Blue Square (Israel), A.K. Al-Muhaidib and Sons Group/Giant Stores  (Saudi Arabia),  Metro (Egypt) and EMKE Group (Abu Dhabi).

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Launching your Middle East grocery store is impossible without a reliable wholesaler.
Tulsidas Lalchand General Trading Company is the largest, wholesale grocery foods distributor in the United Arab Emirates. Their special area of expertise is in Indian foods. Alternatively, you can look to the Internet and use an e-marketplace distributor like Agrelma. offers the cuisine of Lebanon to grocery stores all over the world.  

Sell American food to Middle East grocery stores

Western food is becoming more popular across the world. Even American fast food companies are branching out into parts of the Middle East. Offering American food provides a bit of variety to Middle Easterners looking to sample Western cuisine. It also provides a sense of the familiar to Americans currently in the Middle East.
Groceries USA helps introduce North American grocery brands to overseas markets, including the Middle East. Bethco International provides Middle Eastern grocery stores with everything from ice cream to pizza. F.C. Bloxom exports fresh produce to diverse clients in the Middle East and around the world.   
  • Consider adding regional forms of amusement besides simply carrying Middle East groceries. Since many prosperous customers frequent supermarkets as a source of social entertainment, offering further incentives to visit your store allows more opportunities for them to open their pocketbooks.

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