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Purchase bulk hangers in order to get more for your money

Clothing stores need a variety of retail hangers to properly display their merchandise. The best and most effective organization of clothing items is to hang them on a rack of some sort, so that consumers can easily examine the products available. Hanging clothes also minimizes the cleanup, since hung items don’t have to be refolded or stacked after a shopping day.

There are several types of hangers for stores to use, such as shirt hangers, hangers for pants and children's hangers. Business owners should purchase hangers in bulk, as the more you purchase, the better discount manufacturers provide. Business owners should compare hangers pricing and costs based upon the following types of hangers:

1. Use wood hangers to retain the shape of large, bulky garments.

2. Businesses that go through a lot of hangers, such as dry cleaners, should consider wire hangers for cost savings.

3. Plastic hangers are great for women’s clothing stores.

4. Stores that sell delicate items should consider the investment benefits of padded hangers.

Keep suits in top condition with wood hangers

Wooden hangers are stronger than others and, therefore, can easily hold large bulky items and retain their shape without strain. Individual hangers range from $5 to $7, or you can buy them in bulk. Many distributors sell them in sets of 20-to-25 for $27-to-$40.

Purchase metal hangers in bulk to save on expenses

Dry cleaners and similar businesses constantly have to replace hangers. Purchasing inexpensive styles, like wire hangers, in bulk quantities saves a lot of money. You can get up to 500 wire hangers for anywhere from $20 to $50, depending on the size, color and style.

Gain diversity for a variety of items with plastic clothes hangers

Department and clothing stores that sell large quantities of clothing need a type of hanger that is universal for a variety of clothing products, such as plastic hangers. Obtain boxes of 100 for $24-to-$115, depending on the brand and style.

Hang delicate items with specialty wholesale hangers

Delicate items, such as lingerie, sweaters and formal wear often require specialty hangers with padding to prevent damage. Padded satin hangers are about $4-to-$15 each, depending on the style. Additionally, dressed up hangers, such as beaded glam hangers, draw more attention to the clothes you sell. These hangers typically cost $20-to-$25 each.

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