The best places to find and buy hats, from wholesale headwear to custom hats

Are you a retail business looking to sell hats? If so, then you may be overwhelmed by the amounts and types of hats available. If you plan to market toward specific customers, do comprehensive research, and know what types of hats they tend to buy.

When buying hats, you have a number of options. You can buy from hat manufacturers, hat distributors, or you can buy in bulk from hat wholesalers. The amount and type of hats you want to sell will determine how you buy your product.

When buying hats for your business, keep in mind that:

1. Women's fashion hats tend to be trendy. This means that they may quickly go out of style.
2. Baseball hats, golf hats, and other athletic hats are sold to teams. Consider buying these items in bulk, but remember to have a variety of sizes available.
3. Custom hats or specialty hats need to be unique. Consider making your own or buying from hat sellers that will allow you to customize your order.

Buy wholesale hats to resell

If you are a retail business looking to sell the hats you buy, consider buying wholesale hats. Wholesale companies usually offer products in bulk at a reduced cost. However, some may require you to provide your retail information before you can access the website.

Find and buy golf hats, baseball hats

Retails stores that offer athletic equipment need to offer athletic hats as well. If you are a specialty athletic store, such as a golf store, make sure you offer your clients a nice variety of golf hats. If you are a general athletic store, make sure you offer a variety of different types of athletic hats.

Find the right business hats and fashion hats

There are a large number of fashion hats available, for both men and women. If you decide to sell fashion hats, keep in mind that these tend to be more expensive than athletic hats, and they may vary by trend and time of year. Keep your customers in mind, and buy hats used for multiple occasions, or hats that are not specific to a passing trend.
  • If you already sell retail clothing, sell hats that will match what you already sell. This will help both ends of your business.
  • If you are adding fashion hats to your retail line, place the hats in high traffic areas, in windows, and on mannequins. Let all of your customers see the new products you have for sale.
  • If you plan to sell baseball hats, advertise so local teams know that they can now buy these products from you.

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