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A basic knowledge of Hawaii courts and judges can be  beneficial if you ever find yourself in the courtroom. All too often individuals and businesses find the need to file a lawsuit, or are at the receiving end of a lawsuit, and their lack of knowledge on how the court system works leaves them lost in the proceedings. Regardless of the circumstances that put you there, it helps to understand the court process and know a little about the individual overseeing your case.

It’s important to understand that there are multiple courts in each state that oversee different types of cases. Each of these courts have judges that administer the law and case process. When considering Hawaii courts and Hawaii judges, keep the following in mind:

1. The Hawaii circuit court has four divisions, each containing district and family courts.

2. The courts in Hawaii that only hear appellate cases are the Supreme Court and Intermediate Court of Appeals.

3. Bankruptcy information and case filings are also accessible through Hawaii public court records.

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Hawaii's four circuit courts handle jury trials in civil and criminal cases. Additionally, circuit courts have exclusive jurisdiction over probate, guardianship, criminal felony and civil cases (for contested amounts over $25,000). Hawaii district court has exclusive jurisdiction over cases concerning traffic violations, possession, landlord/tenant law, non-jury trials regarding amounts under $10,000 (and all civil cases for amounts under $25,000), small claims, criminal misdemeanors, restraining orders and violations of county ordinances. State of Hawaii family court handles cases concerning children, domestic relations and domestic violence.
District of Hawaii (scroll over “forms” on the website menu and select the type of case you need). Explore current case information by using the Hawai’i State Judiciary Search Court Records function.

File an appeal with the Supreme Court and appellate Hawaii courts

The Hawaii Supreme Court and Intermediate Court of Appeals hear only appellate cases. The purpose of an appellate court is to review the trial transcript and original evidence of a case to determine if there were any errors in the original case decision. There are no witnesses, jurors or new evidence in a case heard before the Hawaii appellate courts and their decisions are final. There are seven judges in Hawaii Supreme Court. The Court of Appeals has six judges that serve in three judge panels for each case.
Rules of the Supreme Court of the State of Hawaii to learn information on items such as the judicial conduct code for Hawaii judges and attorneys.

Access records from bankruptcy courts in Hawaii

Whether you need to search for a bankruptcy filing on a debtor or determine if bankruptcy is an option for you or your company, the Hawaii Bankruptcy Courts can assist you with both. The Hawaii Bankruptcy court provides information on the basics for bankruptcy filing, contact information for trustees and bankruptcy attorneys and an online search of Hawaii bankruptcy records through the PACER system (Public Access to Court Electronic Records).
US Bankruptcy Court –District of Hawaii website. Visit the bankruptcy court records search on the District of Hawaii Document Filing System.
  • Regardless of how much knowledge you have of courts and judges in Hawaii, you should hire an attorney who specializes in your specific type of case to represent you.