Hiring for Truck Driving Jobs

How to fill trucking jobs for your small business

The most critical issue facing the trucking industry recently has been, shockingly, not diesel costs but driver shortages. Even if your business is not part of this industry, you can bet such shortages mean you’ll have to step up your efforts to recruit to fill trucking jobs. Hiring for truck driving careers through specific trucking Web sites – especially those with the “employer” option, where you can post listings – is the best way to minimize your time/energy commitment, while getting the most suitable candidates for your trucking jobs. 

The top three things to know about hiring for trucking jobs are: 

 1.      Ensure that drivers are appropriately licensed and otherwise qualified: Most need a commercial drivers license or “CDL”, especially those applying for any type of CDL jobs.
2.      Hire drivers by specific driver type or trailer type.
3.      Recruit drivers through local, regional, or national sources.


Background checks and testing for truck driving jobs

Truck drivers do more than drive a large vehicle with your merchandise – they maneuver these huge, potentially-dangerous machines over hundreds and thousands of miles of road. The recruiting company you use should be one that puts their applicants through thorough background checks and testing.

Choose from a wide selection of truck driving employment applicants

Hiring the best for your truck driving jobs means you must begin with many qualified applicants, so find recruiting sites that offer plenty of applicant choices for your truck driving employment openings.

Advertise CDL jobs in industry publications

When hiring for CDL jobs, list your openings in the top print and online trucking magazines and online job sites to attract quality drivers for truck driving employment.
Business.com’s Trucking Publications to find magazines to list your job openings for national, regional, or local trucking jobs.

Recruit at trucking schools

Recruiting through trucking schools means finding people putting forth a sincere effort toward their trucking careers. Many schools offer placement in national or local trucking jobs, CDL jobs, and other truck driving employment.
Business.com’s Truck Driving Schools is a terrific directory of truck driving schools and trucker training programs. At Associated Training Services Network (ATSN)’s official job placement site, The Job Site, employers can find skilled truck drivers and heavy equipment operators.

Hire for truck driving jobs at trucking events

A great place to fill your CDL jobs is at trucking industry events, where there are recruiting opportunities for businesses to fill their truck driving employment openings.
Business.com is a great source of Truck Driving Event listings and Trucking Conferences. The annual Mid-America Trucking Show’s Recruitment Center is an event-specific resource to help you find those interested in trucking careers.

  • Check into placing company brochures – including the benefits of pursuing truck-driving careers with your business – in truck stop kiosks to attract attention.
  • Hiring for truck driving jobs means finding the right applicant with the correct licensing; experience; a strong safe driving record; and the experience in driving the type of vehicle you’re hiring him/her to drive.
  • Truck drivers’ most common complaints revolve around pay and spending too much time away from home. Even if you can’t afford more money, you can find creative ways to make sure they’re home most weekends.
  • There are laws about how many hours truckers can drive in one day for a reason – drivers of any type grow sleepy and less alert after several hours of driving, putting themselves and others in serious danger after that time.

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