Hispanic-Focused Advertising Agencies

Use Hispanic marketing agencies to attract Latino consumers to your product or service

Hispanic people constitute the largest minority group in the United States, with growth showing no signs of slowing down. According to the U.S. Census bureau, 102.6 million Hispanics will call the U.S. home in 2050. Another way to look at it is that one in four people will be Hispanic — a huge market for businesses to attract through Hispanic marketing companies.

You can’t ignore numbers like this. This very significant population makes lots of buying decisions. Their estimated buying power in 2007 was $926.1 billion. With this information, you can expect more businesses to turn to experts at marketing to the Hispanic population.

The benefits of a Hispanic-focused ad agency are many and may include:

1. Communicating more effectively with a Latino population.
2. Spotting market trends as a Latino-focused marketing company.
3. Being considered an expert on marketing to Hispanics by Anglo businesses.

Search for a Hispanic advertising agency

Look at membership in appropriate professional organizations as a sign that your agency really knows about advertising to the Hispanic population.

Learn more about your target market

There's more to the Hispanic population than the language and Spanish-origin surnames. In addition to hailing from many different countries, U.S. Hispanics range from the recently arrived who speak primarily Spanish to English-speaking Hispanics who have resided in the U.S. for generations. Half of all U.S. Hispanics live in California and Texas, but Florida, New Mexico, Arizona, New York and Illinois have sizable populations as well.
U.S. Census Bureau. Other statistics that could impact your marketing decisions can be found at HispaniCare and HispanicAd.

Spot trends

Hispanic agencies can predict marketing trends that affect your business. As with all cultures, it's important to consider different populations within the larger group, ie.e. teens, families and professionals.

Ask your Hispanic advertising agency about their media contacts

While Spanish-language newspapers and Spanish-language TV continue to increase, you'll also find Hispanic-focused media in English too. Hispanic marketing firms should know the Spanish media contacts well.

Talk the talk

Approximately 29 million people speak Spanish at home, with more than half of them bilingual. Increase your marketing impact with advertising messages that reach the bilingual and Spanish-speaking populations.