Hotel Management Key Terms

Learn terms common in hotel management operations

Hotel management services can be complicated, and there are many terms associated with this key component in the hotel industry. Those who plan to work in, or work with, the hotel industry should fully understand key positions and terms associated with the sector. Those looking for jobs within the industry may wish to consider executive housekeeper positions or work in hotel management operations. Franchise owners may need a franchise relationship manager. These key terms aid individuals in understanding how the hotel management industry operates.

Executive housekeeper

Executive housekeepers oversee and provide guidance to the housekeeping department. They ensure all facilities are maintained, including public areas, storage areas, guest suites and other on-site facilities. Executive housekeepers must maintain the facility within a set budget. They hire, train and manage the housekeeping staff.

Hotel-receivership services

Hotel-receivership services provide aid in financially stressful times, including foreclosures and takeovers. The management personnel handling these services often handle the seizure of assets. They aid with management duties, including handling leases, contracts, licenses and franchise requirements.

Hotel management operations

Hotel management operations describes a variety of aspects hotel management must maintain. This includes business plan creation and management, day-to-day operations, personnel management and renovations and purchasing management. Operations entail the running of the facility in the present and toward future goals. Individuals in operations will manage a budget, improve sales, develop a marketing plan and work in conjunction with staff to aid guests and control expenses.

Hospitality management certificate

A hospitality management certificate is an educational program that provides students with an understanding of how to work in the hotel and restaurant industry. The program teaches job duties, food analysis, facilities manager skills and financial management of hotels. Individuals learn cost control, purchasing, merchandising and marketing for the hotel industry.
Pennsylvania State University to learn more about the hospitality management certificate.

Pre-opening services

Hotel management services may provide pre-opening services. These services aid a hotel in major repositioning or property opening, such as after a renovation. Management experts handle everything from concept development to design coordination. They aid the investor in being compliant with local laws and in hiring staff in all aspects of opening the facility.

Franchise-relationship management

In franchise-relationship management, a professional works between the franchiser and the franchisee, aiding in providing a mutually beneficial relationship with both parties. They handle disputes, aid in compliance requirements and assist in franchise agreements.

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