How to Find Commercial Truck Financing

Line up the money you need to get your semi truck financing in order

Trucking is a steady, needed business, but startup costs like commercial truck loans -- whether you're an owner-operator or head of huge fleet -- can be murder. For any big, commercial truck operator, financing is a matter of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Luckily, the industry is big enough to attract capital for trucking business loans. Manufacturers, banks, leasing entities -- they all want to go into business with you by fronting a commercial truck loan.

In this guide, you'll find tips on commercial truck loans, like:

1. Leasing as a form of semi truck financing
2. Commercial truck loans for startups
3. Alternatives to trucking business loans, like factoring
4. A used truck as a means of commercial truck financing

Traditional commercial truck financing means taking a lease

Leasing is the same as buying a new personal car on your credit and a down payment, except that semi truck financing via leasing is usually tax-deductible. Leasing is likely the easiest "get-in" form of commercial truck loan.
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Semi truck financing specialists can work out terms for startups

Heavy equipment like trucks have long life-spans and keep their resale value for many years. Lots of smaller banks and lenders focus on trucking business loans since they know that repossessing the truck is recovery of most of the value of the semi truck loan.

Alternatives to commercial truck loans

Often, buying the truck is a piece of cake, but making the equal payments over time on specialty truck financing is hard, especially for seasonal trucking operations.
semi truck financing via factoring.

Money tight? Try a used truck instead of a semi truck loan

The relative endurance of a commercial trucks means they're good for decades longer than the original owner probably wants to keep them. Just buying cheap rather than taking out an onerous commercial truck loan can save big money when it comes to semi truck financing.
  • Like any lease, beware maximum mileage and other unrealistic terms in commercial truck loans. Your semi truck financing deal can go sour on the fine print.
  • Factoring is not complex. But be careful not to discount so much that you fall into the red on this type of specialty truck financing.
  • Everyone wants to lend, but not many loans -- including semi truck loans -- are worth making. Be sure your company is financially ready to deal with the burden of semi truck financing payments.

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