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The field of human resources is changing rapidly these days, with human resources software and computer resources claiming a bigger and bigger piece of the equation. New challenges have led to new responses from HR offices that make extensive use of computer software to screen job candidates. Computers also help HR staff track employees, time and other job factors and do enhanced record keeping with paperless technologies.

Managers and HR staff members can find news about the most current computer HR tools and practices online from sources that chronicle the ascent of IT in their job sector. Readers might look for:

1. News on how companies face human resources challenges with HR software and tools.

2. Breaking news on products becoming available for managing a work place.

3. News on how busy HR programs use HR software applications to screen new hires and help out with interview processes.

Learn how some HR departments are using human resources software

An HR office that needs inspiration can find it in online news sources that go into case studies and details about how companies are approaching staffing challenges with HR software packages.

Look for news on human resources software for managing an existing office

For more on trends and emerging realities in HR, check out sources for how HR people increasingly use software tools to track all kinds of in-house events and daily factors like time in/out, vacation time, scheduling, meetings and department itineraries. Almost all of it gets done with computers, and ongoing tech news sources let you know how.

Find news on human resource software for new hiring

Busy managers can get more on how HR can use HR software systems to hire new job applicants. Software packages handle applications, screen them electronically, and store them for later use. Still, someone in HR has to eventually pick up the phone.
  • Don't let your human resources software lull your department into a sense of automation. Though there are some really neat features in HR software programs now on the market, human oversight is nearly always the best policy. Anything less can alienate your new hires, confound your regular staff, and make your human HR resources a little less sharp.

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