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Gone are the days of storing human resources records in dusty file rooms. Today's software programs have allowed the field of human resources database design to blossom, allowing businesses to store vital information and records in databases. HR database design services help companies identify the data that requires storage. It can also be used to design a user-friendly way to organize and retrieve data for a variety of purposes, ranging from analysis to mail merges and report generation.

Meeting with human resources database design services company can be intimidating if you don't have a basic understanding of some of the terminology used in the business. The following human resources database design services key terms should help.

Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access is a project management tool that can be used to build a customized human resources database. A good HR database design services firm should be able to guide your company in determining what information is necessary to track and how it should best be organized in order for you to easily work with Access to run reports.

Database design consultant

Database design consultants will work with you to understand your business requirements to determine what information is important for your company to store and organize. They will also create a demo database for you and begin the tweaking process based on your feedback.

Payroll integration

Many clients want their payroll and HR databases to communicate with each other to share information and maximize efficiency. If this is the case for your business, be sure to select a database design services firm that can design a payroll integration component.

Workforce portal

A workforce portal provides your employees with easy desktop access to any human resources database that is designed for your company. Workforce portals serve a variety of paperless functions that can, not only keep your employees in the loop, but enhance your green factor. They allow employees to perform tasks such as reviewing benefits information and downloading HR manuals online instead of on paper.

XML human resource database schema

The XML human resource database schema is a hard concept to grasp if you are lay person, but is commonly understood by HR database designers who employ it every day. XML stands for extensible markup language. XML looks a lot like HTML when you are looking at webpage coding, but, as opposed to HTML which directs the page to do something, XML merely transports and stores pre-assigned data. XML human resource database schema refers to pages with particular parameters assigned using XML coding to store vital human resource database information.


Structured query language (SQL) is a computer language designed to retrieve and manage data stored on databases. Many HR database designs are programmed in SQL.

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