Hypercom Equipment

Hypercom equipment consistently delivers functionality and quality

Hypercom equipment, produced by Hypercom Corporation, can provide nearly every type of credit card and point of sale (POS) technology you need. Hypercom products include:

  1. Hypercom S8 and S9 series PIN Pads,
  2. The P4100 touchscreen PIN pad
  3. Optimum payment terminals
  4. Smart card readers
  5. Wireless, dial-up and Ethernet options for their terminals
  6. Various receipt printers for Hypercom POS equipment

The chances are, if you have paid for something with a credit card recently, your credit card was entered into Hypercom equipment. Despite the wide range of Hypercom equipment available, Hypercom supplies do not sacrifice quality for quantity. With the company's wide range of product offerings, Hypercom equipment is consistently at the forefront of technology, security certifications and usability. Hypercom POS equipment is often used in retail locations not because of a low price point, but because people trust it to get the job done.


Find security information on Hypercom products


Never forget that Hypercom equipment pads are recording, storing, and transmitting credit card transactions. If that information were to be stolen, the potential ramifications for the company that lost the information would be disastrous. Some small businesses have had to close their doors because of carelessness when storing credit card information.

Buy Hypercom equipment online


The credit card processing and PIN pad industry is very well represented online. Hypercom distributors are actively competing to keep prices low so that you purchase Hypercom equipment from them.

Know who is using Hypercom equipment


Buy Hypercom POS products with confidence knowing who else has chosen Hypercom products for their storefronts and billing departments. Not only have the major clearing houses and credit card companies certified them, major governments have selected them for their credit card transactions.

  • Before you buy Hypercom POS equipment, know who will fix it. Hypercom equipment is traditionally reliable, but if your business depends on it working, it cannot be down for long.
  • Know what you need from your Hypercom products before you buy them. This way you can buy exactly what you need.
  • Hypercom equipment tends to be backwards compatible, which means if you upgrade your Hypercom POS supplies, you usually will not need to upgrade your software.