IBM X235 Server

Save money on your server purchase with an IBM System x235 Server

The IBM x235 is a tower server in the IBM e-server xSeries product line. It was produced by IBM in 2002 as an innovative server with expansion and management capabilities. Features include a Xeon 2.4 GHz processor, Ultra320 hard disk drive (HDD) performance, Chipkill memory and active PCI-X technology.

A used or refurbished IBM x235 could be an ideal solution for a small business seeking a reliable, fast server at a budget price. Although the system is dated, it supports current Linux and Windows operating systems and network technology. The purchase and maintenance of a refurbished x235 server involves some preparation, including:

1. Find a reliable source for the IBM x235 series.

2. Get IBM x235 server specs, manuals and support.

3. Locate a reliable resource for repair and upgrade parts.

Buy an IBM server x235 online

Find used and refurbished IBM x235 servers at low prices.

Get support for your IBM xSeries 235 server

Once your server is out of warranty, you'll either need to maintain it yourself or pay for technical support services. Knowing how to troubleshoot and repair your server can save money and frustration.

Upgrade and repair your IBM x235 series server

IBM xSeries compliant parts allow you to repair issues like bad disk drives, memory and power supplies. Use IBM parts to upgrade memory and processors and add hard drive space to create a more powerful server.

  • Refurbished and used server x235 systems are often sold without hard drives, processors or other hardware. You'll need to purchase and configure the necessary parts before you can use your server.
  • Find out about warranty and return options before purchasing from an online retailer. The company may offer a short warranty period or no warranty at all. Also inquire about the requirements for returning the unit if it doesn't function. You may be liable for the cost of shipping and a restocking fee.