Illinois Public Records Key Terms

Learn key terms so you can navigate through Illinois public records

Illinois public records include the usual births, deaths, marriages and divorces records as well as documents put out by governmental agencies at the local or county level. With few exceptions, most of these records are available for public inspection and copying. Whether you’re doing market research studies in expanding neighborhoods or just trying to confirm details in an employee’s background, getting to know some key concepts and terms can facilitate your search through Illinois public records.


New homeowners


A new homeowners public records search in Illinois gives you the chance to learn about the changing demographics in Illinois neighborhoods. These searches return results that identify those who have recently purchased homes in case you're doing market research or sales promotions in the area.

New businesses


Be the first to identify startup companies in many Illinois counties when you perform a new businesses search through Illinois public records. These searches even identify individuals who have opened businesses in their homes.

Illinois State Archives


The Illinois State Archives maintains the state's public records, including those from various governmental agencies and from county administrative offices. The Archives is considered the state's official depository of these records.

Public domain land tract sales


Since 1957, the Illinois State Archives has maintained records concerning the public domain land tract sales. The records relate to the sale of land that is in the public domain, approximately 570,000 square miles.

Illinois Department of Public Health


If you're performing a search through Illinois Public Records, you're likely to come across the Illinois Department of Public Health. This agency is the repository of Illinois' births, deaths, marriages and divorces records. The records on births and deaths date back to 1916.

Freedom of Information Act


In Illinois, the Freedom of Information Act passed by the Illinois legislature defines the term public records and states who is permitted to inspect and copy public records. Your employment screening software can access online databases of public information. For information not available online, you may consider hiring an employee screening consultant instead of searching through the records yourself.

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