Indiana Public Records Key Terms

Find out how knowing public record key terms can help your business

Being aware of Indiana public records terminology can be helpful to individuals and businesses alike. Whether you are utilizing public mapping for a business project, or you are taking advantage of researching warrants on people, public records are exactly that. They are open for you to view and utilize.

Indiana public records key terms can include organizations in the state, mapping of the area, tax information, groups and more. Whatever the term, though, familiarizing yourself with the words, phrases, acronyms and definitions can better prepare you for conversations with peers, colleagues and clients.


ICPR stands for the Indiana Commission on Public Records. They help state and local governments efficiently and effectively manage their public records by giving them help managing the life cycle of their records including the creation of records, their use, their storage and their disposition.

GIS Mapping

The GIS in GIS mapping stands for geographic information system or geographical information system, and it involves the capturing, storing, analysis, management and presentation of data that is linked to a particular location as shown by the mapping software. Creators of this type of public record use land surveying, aerial photography, photography, photogrammetry, geography, mathematics as well as other and tools to combine with GIS software.
Indiana Geological Survey, a research institute of Indiana University. Indiana Map is another GIS mapping source.

UCC Filings

UCC Filings are Uniform Commercial Code filings of documents for statutory compliance. These documents are either accepted or rejected, recorded, filed, and made available to the public upon request, and they help oversee sales and other commercial transactions.

Tax lien sales

Tax lien sales after the county auditor places a property under notice of delinquency, and at that point there each county and various cities hold annual public auctions of properties that have been listed as delinquent on their taxes. The properties are then sold to the highest bidder, but the amount has to at least meet the minimum bid requirement.

Bar associations

The state of Indiana has a bar association through which every lawyer in the state takes his or her state exam. Various counties and cities each also have their local or area chapter as a resources for their area as well.


A warrant is an authorization issued by and on behalf of the state that gives arresting officers the authorization to arrest or otherwise detain an individual.

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