Inductance Meter

Find an inductance meter to meet your hand held, portable or bench needs

Inductance meters come in a number of styles and models, from digital hand helds to bench models to portables. The frequencies of measurement vary. No longer are RF inductance meters used only by radio hams or electrical technicians, but many high-tech and specialized fields measure inductance for the ever-expanding and growing technology needs of our modern world.

Inductor meters measure the phenomena of what engineers, scientists and electrical experts attempt to harness and measure to keep our society and way of life sustained. When choosing the right inductance meter, consider these options:

1. Look for hand held digital inductance meters that you can carry with you.

2. Use bench or portable models in your labs.

3. Find LCR and RCL models for testing inductance.

4. Locate inductance bridges for sophisticated applications.

Find hand held and digital inductance meters for convenience

Get your inductance meters small and handy for your production, laboratory, service and school needs. Use RF inductance meters with batteries, alligator clips and holsters.

Purchase inductance analyzers and bench and portable models for long-term use

Inductance analyzers and meters come in different sizes and shapes to meet your specifications and needs as business owner and electrical or lab professional.

Locate LCR inductor meters for testing inductance

Whether you need LCR, RCL or RF frequency inductance meters, there are numerous options available.

Buy an inductance bridge for sophisticated measurements

Sometimes you need an inductance bridge for fine-tuned precision work.

  • An inductance meter is useful for a wide variety of applications and fields from medical, to space, to the switches and circuitry in residential homes. Good inductance meters are easy to find, but remember that in our competitive market, you can be particular and find meters to meet your specific fine-tuned needs.

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