Industrial Shredders

Find the right industrial shredder to protect business trade secrets and minimize waste

If you’re in the industrial arena, and you need to shred tires, wood, plastics or metals, you need a specialized shredder that means business. Don’t expect to find an industrial shredder in your local office supply store. These heavy-duty machines are typically too large to fit on a store shelf.

Industrial-strength shredders are also available for companies that need to destroy large amounts of paper on a regular basis. Businesses in the financial industry often need an industrial shredder for paper.

To choose the right industrial shredder for your business, consider the materials you’ll be shredding, your anticipated usage (light, medium or heavy) and the level of security you need. Industrial shredders are sold in a variety of cuts that provide different levels of security—from the lowest to highest level, they are: strip-cut, cross-cut, confetti-cut and micro-cut. Each cut is available in different sizes, with the smallest sizes providing the highest security. The last piece of the equation is your budget. Industrial shredders aren’t cheap and run into the thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. For this kind of investment, it’s imperative to choose wisely.

Among the numerous benefits industrial shredders provide, they can:

1. Protect your business intelligence, such as prototypes and manufactured products.
2. Protect customer privacy.
3. Prevent your scraps from being found by dumpster divers, thus removing liability associated with unfinished or unusable products.
4. Enhance your image as an environmental savior by shredding wastes and making it easier to dispose of or to recycle.

Industrial paper shredders

When you need to shred large volumes of paper—over 40 or 50 pages at once—an industrial shredder is the way to go. Depending on the model, heavy-duty paper shredders can handle a maximum of 80 to 600 sheets at once. Expect to pay a handsome sum—industrial paper shredders will set you back about $10,000-$40,000.

Industrial shredders for multi-media

Multi-media such as CDs, zip disks, floppy disks and other backup media must be destroyed properly. Multi-media shredders also double as high-capacity paper shredders for a multi-task machine.
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Industrial shredders for wood

Businesses such as carpentry shops, furniture makers, studios and warehouses that have to discard pallets on a regular basis are wise to invest in wood shredders or grinders to minimize waste.

Industrial shredders for rubber/tires

Disposing of rubber and tires can be an enormous task if they are not shredded beforehand. After being passed through an industrial shredder, tires and rubber can be recycled for multiple applications.
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Industrial shredders for plastics

Plastics can be recycled, but to protect your business intelligence and to condense your recyclables, you should shred products first.

Industrial shredders for metal

Scrap metal isn’t just found at junkyards. Construction companies, factories and car dealers often have to dispose of scrap metal.
Metal shredders, which can be found at, are designed to process automobiles, secondary metals and aluminum.

Industrial shredders for cardboard

Cardboard is one of the easiest things to recycle on the spot. After you’ve sent it through a shredder, you can immediately reuse it as packing material. Cardboard shredder prices range from about $2,000-$7,000.
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  • Before you choose your industrial shredder, set up a recycling plan for your office.
  • School all of your employees on the importance of shredding and delegate department heads to regularly perform spot checks on trash receptacles to reinforce the shredding policy.
  • Call your local waste management or community-recycling center to see what programs they have available for businesses that shred.