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How to acquire or promote information systems services for your small business

An information systems analyst seeks ways to develop, manage and use the system of activities, people and data that processes information for an organization. An analysis of information systems has become increasingly more important as businesses shift their focus from product to process.

Today, a company's most valuable asset is the information it possesses in the form of people, experience and know-how. Information Technology (IT) is essential to the business owner and requires information system analysis to study the flow of information within an organization. The study of information systems has become a major management field and is now an important resource for executives.

An information system analyst must be able to effectively combine the storage of information with the means for drawing conclusions based on that information.

IT systems analysis requires the following:
  1. The development of information systems;
  2. The management of information systems;
  3. The creation of strategy for information systems that use disciplines such as business management, computer science, engineering sciences and behavioral sciences.

Supplement your staff with systems analysis services

Government agencies and non-IT organizations frequently have gaps in knowledge or experience that IT service providers must bridge. They can provide the required expertise as long as needed without filling permanent staff positions.

Look for a smaller company to meet your specific support systems analysis needs

Many IT issues are handled with quick, repeating solutions. If you need someone to back up your data or clean viruses off your network on a regular basis, a company that performs only these tasks may be a better choice than a general IT solutions provider.

Get on a schedule to perform technology systems analysis for the government

It doesn't matter how good your support systems analysis services are, you can't do business with the government if you are not on a purchase vehicle.
General Services Administration.
  • If you are trying to promote your IT services to a particular company, hire ex-employees after their non-compete agreement expires. This information systems analyst will be able to provide specific expertise that can prove invaluable in securing a contract.

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