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General Liability Insurance Key Terms

Explore general liability insurance terms

General liability insurance is a required form of insurance for all businesses. It protects the business from lawsuits against them from accidents. There are various important terms found in these liability insurance policies including conditions, binder and subrogation. It is also important to know some of the coverage types available for general liability, including medical...

General Liability Insurance: What You Need to Know

Protect your business, family and estate with adequate general liability insurance


Liability Insurance Brokers

Finding the right liability insurance brokers will help you protect your assets

Commercial liability brokers can help you protect your business assets by ensuring that you are properly covered in the event a personal injury lawsuit or property damage claim. Be sure to choose liability insurance brokers who are well-established and experienced. There are several types of liability insurance available to protect a small business including general liability,...

Liquor Liability Insurance

Protect your company assets by taking out a liquor liability insurance policy

If your business manufactures, sells or serves any type of liquor, then you may have to secure liquor liability insurance. This type of insurance will protect your company from liability if one of your patrons causes physical or property damage while intoxicated.Although cost of liquor liability insurance seems high, the benefits typically outweigh the price. Liquor insurance can...

Making the Most of General Liability Insurance

Helpful basics for using general liability insurance to your advantage in business

Every business needs some form of general liability insurance to protect it from financial harm -- many rely on these kinds of policies in addition to worker's compensation and other coverage for accidents and other circumstances. From ongoing basic liability insurance to protect property, to special insurance needs for volatility in production, special events, or expanded...

Medical Liability Insurance Key Terms

Know the language when searching for medical professional liability insurance

When searching for liability insurance, educate yourself on medical liability insurance key terms so that you understand your coverage and insurance company provider responsibilities. Every profession utilizes language or terminology specific to their practice, and the medical insurance world is no exception.Knowing and understanding insurance language helps you find doctor...

Medical Liability Insurance for Nurses

Medical malpractice insurance protects you from lawsuits, even if your employer covers you

Many nurses assume that they are insured against medical malpractice suits by their employer's medical professional liability insurance. However, what most nurses don't know is that the medical malpractice insurance their employer provides may only cover them during their regular shifts within the workplace.You may be leaving yourself wide open for a malpractice lawsuit if...

Professional Liability Insurance

How to keep lawsuits and malpractice claims from ruining your business

If you're a professional, such as a lawyer, accountant or architect, you're vulnerable to lawsuits. Defending yourself and your business in a lawsuit – even one that's a frivolous claim – can drain your finances, sap your time and possibly ruin your business. To protect yourself and your company, professional liability coverage is extremely important....