Internet and Online Key Terms

Research internet and online key terms

Internet and online key terms are crucial to conducting effective online business. One must be able to use the tools the Internet has to offer to increase profits. In order to use Internet tools one must learn the current terminology so you know what your competitors are saying and doing.

Find out how to use internet and online key terms to your advantage. Find out how an ASP can cut your costs for expensive software. Broadcast email to your customers and respond to them in real time with an auto responder. Find out what the Internet lingo means and increase your bottom line.

Information superhighway

Information superhighway is another name for the Internet or World Wide Web.
UCLA provides information about the information superhighway.

Application Service Providers, ASP

Application Service Providers or ASP's provide computer programs to businesses over their network. Instead of the business purchasing the software, the ASP provides it online over the Internet and the business receives the program over a network.
Cisco provides information on how to evaluate Application Service Providers’ security. Network World provides information about Application Service Providers.

Search engines

Search engines are programs that return online webpage results from queries one provides. Internet search engines such as Yahoo! and Google comb the Internet for the most relevant pages that meet your search criteria.
Web Reference provides detailed information on search engines including what they are and how they work. Search Engine Colossus provides a directory of international search engines.

Keyword density

A keyword is a word placed strategically into a webpage to populate results in online search engines. The correct keyword or keyword phrases will rank the page high on the list of results when someone searches the Internet on that word or phrase. Keyword density refers to the number of times one uses the keyword compared to the total number of words on the page.
The Site Wizard offers information on what keyword density is and how to improve it. Keyword Discovery has a keyword density tool that checks your keyword density on any Internet page.

Auto responders

Auto responders are programs that automatically answer incoming email with a standardized message. Any person or online business may use an Internet auto responder for any purpose. Auto responses range from announcing that one is on vacation to letting a customer know he received the email and someone is looking at it.
NTC Hosting explains in detail what an auto responder is.

Email broadcasting

Email broadcasting is sending an email to a group of people for a specific purpose. For example, online advertisers use email broadcasting to send an ad to their customer list.
Bulk Email Software provides information on email broadcasting features.

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