Intuits ProSeries Tax Software Education and Training

Training on ProSeries tax software will teach filing basics for individuals and businesses

If you run an accounting firm, then you can use Intuit ProSeries Tax software to complete a multiple amount of returns. With this Intuit Tax software, you’ll get access to a complete set of forms and schedules to use for both your individual and business clients.

Since the professional tax software by Intuit has so many facets, you will need to consider your Intuits ProSeries Tax software education and training options. Training on the tax software by Intuit can also allow you to be eligible for continuing education credit through the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy.

1. Gather information about Intuit’s ProSeries Tax software. Learn the features and how to use Intuit tax software.

2. Get training from the suppliers of Intuit’s ProSeries Tax software. When purchasing the product, discuss any educational opportunities.

3. Communicate with other users about professional tax software by Intuit. Other accountants can help give you info about Intuit’s ProSeries Tax software.

Read online materials regarding tax software by Intuit

Before you purchase and train on the Intuit ProSeries Tax software, you'll want to learn about the product. Packages typically run upwards of $1000, so you will want to make sure that you will be able to grasp the technology behind the tax software.

Learn from Intuit ProSeries Tax software providers

As part of your purchase package, suppliers will likely offer the chance to receive training on the Intuit Tax software program. The training you will opt to complete will likely be sponsored by Intuit.

Communicate with other users of Intuit's ProSeries Tax software

Sometimes the best training method is to converse directly with other users of Intuit tax software. Forums, message boards and other community based resources can help you finish your training as well as provide troubleshooting if you run into problems in the future.
  • Remember to review training materials for Intuit ProSeries Tax software on an annual basis. Changes in tax laws and filing rules will need to be updated on your Intuit tax software program.