Investment Management Firms in Colorado Key Terms

Colorado investment management firms offer individuals invaluable resources on how to invest their monies

How to invest money is an important decision. Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, Roth IRA’s and 401k’s--the choices seem endless and confusing to most. Enlisting the help of a Colorado investment management firm can help one identify the risk and return they wish to receive and steer them towards an investment program that will help them achieve their financial goals for retirement or other life event. Types of investment programs include absolute return and wealth strategies. Managed programs to partake in include managed bond investments, managed accounts and institutional asset management.

Retirement planning in Colorado

Retirement planning is an important issue everyone must face but often lack the knowledge to make informed decisions that will help them achieve their goals. Seeking the advice of a financial planner can help one determine what approach they should take in terms of IRA's, 401k or money purchase plans.

Absolute return investment strategy

An absolute return investment strategy operates in unpredictable markets and focuses on three to five of the top Long/Short Morningstar open-end mutual funds. Trading in the absolute return investment strategy is relatively minimal with less than five trades a year.

Wealth strategies

Wealth strategies are those in which financial planners identify risk and return objectives of the client, present various portfolios, and provide guidance as to which portfolio(s) will address their goals. Types of wealth strategy portfolios include wealth preservation, wealth appreciation, tax- managed balanced wealth and tax managed wealth preservation.

Managed bond investment program

A managed bond investment program is one where investors place their monies into bond funds and when interest rates rise, move their monies into the money market to help minimize financial loss.

Managed accounts

Managed accounts are those where individuals give the investment reins to an investment professional and allow them to determine what investments will allow them to achieve your financial goal, inform them as to whether they are saving enough money to meet their goals and monitor their investments.

Institutional asset management

Corporations, foundations and endowments often enlist the services of institutional asset managers to identify an investment strategy that will meet their needs and monitor their funds. Types of investment strategies used by institutional asset managers include the Domestic, International, Domestic Fixed Income and Insurance Styles.