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Avoid future complications by conducting judgement records searches up front

Protecting your business investment is important, so research court judgement records to avoid a hiring blunder. As a business owner, you want to trust the people you work with, but it can't always be done on a handshake and a promise.

Conduct online research of judgment records to find all you need. Certain public judgment records are even free of charge. It's easy to do a free judgement lookup, but many times the actual detailed record is only accessible for a fee. If something in an application or during an interview with a potential partner makes you curious, perform a search for judgements for your own peace of mind.

1. Locate any civil judgement records which may effect your ability to conduct or pursue business.

2. A judgement search can result in detailed corporate competitor information.

3. A judgement records search can identify bankruptcies and liens, which may persuade you one way or another if considering a contractor, partner, or making an investment.

Feel good about your decision with the help of judgement searches

Your company's success relies on your ability to know who is involved in any aspect of your business. Obtaining knowledge requires a lot of due diligence and research in a timely manner. A free judgement search can get you started.

Find what you can with a public record judgement

Items that are a matter of public record include bankruptcies, liens, criminal records, real estate transactions and any judgements made within a court of law.

Conduct an online public judgement record search for convenience and expediency

Most public record judgements can be located through free judgement searches. If you are able to identify a county or city where a record may be located, make a phone call to request the information. Online convenience is definitely worth the effort to find out where you should turn next for the records you need.
  • Free judgement searches are easy to do, but confirm you have the correct record before paying for a detailed record. Verify the spelling of the person or company name as well as the address, if possible, before requesting the file.

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