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Open up career opportunities with a Juris Doctorate Degree

A Juris Doctorate Degree is a professional degree given to an individual who has successfully completed formal legal education. Law schools in the United States are surprisingly uniform when it comes to the requirements for getting the degree. Students must complete courses in contracts, torts, civil procedure and criminal law and then move on to perfecting their legal analysis and writing skills. Most students who get a Juris Doctorate Degree go on to take the bar examination in their respective states and, if they pass, become licensed to practice law in that state.

You can find Juris Doctorate Degree information and programs at universities in every state. And new online degree programs are making it possible for you to get the degree without ever having to step inside a classroom. Whether you choose a traditional or alternate path, start pursuing the Juris Doctorate degree after discovering all the available options:

1. Complete the traditional program of studies given by a three-year Juris Doctorate Degree provider

2. Consider applying to an online Juris Doctorate Degree program.

3. Investigate other careers available to those holding Juris Doctorate Degrees.

Find a Juris Doctorate Degree program at any law school

Check the Juris Doctorate Degree list of programs at any of America's great law schools. Most of these schools allow you to choose between attending school full-time, during the day, or part-time, in the evenings.
Harvard Law School, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is perhaps the most well known law school in the United States. It offers a unique program that exposes students to outstanding legal instruction while allowing them to take advantage of wide-ranging student services. Brooklyn Law School in New York allows you to complete an online application. Students on the east coast can attend the top-rated UCLA Law School.

Get your Juris Doctorate Degree online, in the comfort of your own home

Online degree programs allow you to pursue an alternate route to getting the Juris Doctorate degree.
Abraham Lincoln University School of Law opened in 1996 as the first school of law in California that would offer classes online. Breyer State University has an online Juris Doctorate program that offers open enrollment so that students may apply for the online degree program at any time during the year.

Research other career opportunities a Juris Doctorate Degree prepares you for

Don't assume that a law degree locks you into the practice of law. Many lawyers choose different career paths with excellent results.
Concord Law School explains how a law degree can prepare you for careers in business management, health care, broadcasting and education. World Wide Learn describes other career options for law school graduates.
  • Before deciding to complete your Juris Doctorate Degree with an online program, contact professional legal recruiters in the area where you plan to work. Find out if they consider job applicants as marketable as those with traditional degrees.
  • Any reliable Juris Doctorate Degree directory of schools you may consult should identify only those accredited schools.

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