Kansas Public Records Key Terms

Learn the basics of Kansas Public Records terms

When it comes to searching for records in Kansas, knowing a few basic terms can keep your search a lot more focused. Spend a few minutes reviewing terms so you can save yourself tons of time sifting through public records.

Knowing terms can also help you find direct access to certain records like criminal history reports, vital records, driving records and more. Learning all the basic terms you can about Kansas public records will help you in your search for specific records.

Criminal history record check

A criminal history record check includes information about crimes that a person has been convicted of or was charged with. The information is available to the public.
Kansas Bureau of Investigation website.


VitalChek is the Kansas Department of Health and Environment's vital records search website. The website allows citizens to order certified records such as birth and death certificates.

Deed of trust

A deed of trust is the transfer of property to a person who will hold the property, or essentially own it, for someone else. A deed of trust can be used to secure a loan.

Computerized criminal history

A computerized criminal history (CCH) in Kansas is a database of all adult criminal records that can be accessed through the Kansas Bureau of Investigation website. The history report includes arrest information and court records.
Kansas Bureau of Investigation website.

Land grants

Land grants were issued for land given to citizens in the 1800s. The grants can be used as a way to study family genealogy, because they include names, dates and naturalization information.

Unclaimed property

Unclaimed property is property the Kansas State Treasury has the right to take possession of as a temporary custodian when the original owner can't be found. Property can include money owed from banks, insurance or other organizations or real property left in unclaimed deposit boxes and more. The original owner has the right to claim the property.

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