Kentucky Public Records Key Terms

Learn the ABCs of Kentucky public records

The amount of information can be overwhelming when you start a Kentucky public records search, especially if you aren't sure exactly where to look or what you are looking for. Learning a few basic terms that you'll come in contact with can save you a lot of time and effort.

Find out which records are public and which can be found by searching online databases, such as vital statistics and other Kentucky public record information. Knowing terms you'll come in contact with can help you find the information you need a lot faster in order to perform employment verifications or other types of background check.


Online Vehicle Information System


The Kentucky Online Vehicle Information System (OVIS) is a database of vehicle titles, registrations and lien information accessible to authorized users who pay an annual fee. The government has to approve you or your business as an authorized user in order to make this system a part of your employee screening.

Marriage index file


Kentucky vital records can be found in an online database hosted by the University of Kentucky. These include marriage, divorce, birth and death records. The marriage index file is a collection of the state's marriage licenses from the 1970s, 80s and 90s.

Criminal case record request


Some industries require you to check a job candidate's criminal record during employment screening. A criminal case record request can be submitted through the Kentucky Department of Libraries and Archives. The request includes an online form to fill out including all your contact information and case information. The record will be mailed to you for a fee.

Sex offender registry


The Kentucky Sex Offender Registry is provided by the state police as a way to allow the public to become aware of any offenders in their area. The registry is a database of all offenders and can be searched by name or location.

Friends of Kentucky Public Archives


The Friends of Kentucky Public Archives is a citizen's group dedicated to helping maintain public access to records. The group was formed to help the division of public records keep as many records public and available as possible.

Unclaimed property


Unclaimed property is personal property the Kentucky government has temporarily taken ownership of, because it has been abandoned. Property can be in monetary form, such as savings or insurance claims that went unclaimed, or possessions like jewellery, coins and other items left in safe deposit boxes.

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