Key Cards Basics

Learn key cards basics to run your business more efficiently

Hotels are the most common users of key cards. However, more and more businesses that use multiple supply keys are choosing key cards to help their company run more effectively. Purchasing and cutting metal keys quickly becomes a large expense. Key cards are inexpensive and can be programmed to fit multiple doors, if needed. They can also be programmed to work only for a specific time frame. Buying key cards is beneficial for most large businesses and hotels.

Recycled key cards are produced from recycled or renewable resources and can be recycled themselves when they've served their purpose. Custom cards are designed with the company's name or logo and may provide information about the company on the card. Stock cards are normally generic cards that provide basic usage information on the front.

1. Buy recycled key cards.

2. Locate manufactures of custom key cards.

3. Find stock and generic key cards.

Use recycled or recyclable key cards

To help reduce, reuse and recycle, a "green" option for those who use a large number of key cards is to choose a recycled product. Recycled key cards are not only made of recycled materials but they can also be recycled when you no longer need the card.

Create custom electronic key cards

Custom key cards are created to work with all major key card systems. These cards can display your company logo or vital information the user may need. Custom designed key cards work just like stock cards for key card access.

Purchase stock plastic key cards

Stock key cards are the generic, or plain, plastic cards. These are generally the most inexpensive option when buying key cards. Stock key cards are popular with smaller hotels or businesses and those just switching to a key card system.
  • Key cards are available in a variety of sizes. Check with your key card system for the required dimensions of your key cards.

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