Kosher Specialty and Gourmet Foods Education and Training

Add to your appeal by offering Kosher specialty foods in your restaurant

Kosher foods are becoming increasingly popular around the country, and you can find kosher food distributors in most major cities to help you plan your kosher menu. Kosher specialty and gourmet foods education and training will help you understand the intricacies of a kosher menu, so you can prepare your kosher foods according to the kosher principles and laws.

Kosher gourmet foods can add to your bottom line, but you have to follow the rules. Learn about kosher certified foods by:

1. Attending conferences and food festivals that offer kosher foods information.

2. Reading books that offer information on restaurant kosher food preparation and training.

3. Learn about kosher certification and what kosher food ingredients to use in your menus.

Attend kosher food conferences and events to learn more about serving and preparing kosher foods

Kosher food festivals and conventions offer an opportunity to learn more about offering kosher food, while becoming aware of the kosher food laws and how to keep a kosher kitchen. They also offer specific seminars on kosher topics, like choosing the right kosher meats for your restaurant.

Read books and view videos on kosher foods to learn about preparing a kosher meal

You can find information on kosher foods from a kosher food distributor, but if you want to create your own kosher recipes, you'll need to know what foods are kosher, how to keep your kitchen kosher, and even what serving and cooking utensils to keep in your kitchen. Online videos and books teach you everything you need to know about rabbinically supervised food, from kosher gourmet meat to everything in between.

Learn more about kosher food suppliers, certification, and kosher food production online

You can use the information you find online to create your own kosher offerings rather than looking for a company that does kosher food distribution, but you'll need kosher certification to do it from your commercial kitchen.
  • If you don't want to invest in an entire kosher menu to augment your regular menu, think about adding some menu items from a kosher food supplier, or get your feet wet by throwing a special Passover or Hanukkah party with kosher food, to judge the interest in kosher food in your area.

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