Laser Cutting Machines

How to buy a laser cutting machine for your business

Laser cutting machinery makes precise cuts to metal, wood and plastic products. There are several models of laser cutting equipment to meet the demands of your industry.

Buying laser cutting machines involve looking at several features of the equipment. Take in to consideration the type of materials you will be laser cutting to find the necessary combination of features.

1. Metal: The laser cutting machinery must have metal grid work and a capacitive sensing height follower. Look for laser sizes in 100, 150, 200 and 400 watt.

2. Wood: The laser cutting machine must be powered by CO2. This burns away the wood fiber resulting in cutting taking place. Look for laser beams between 200 and 800 watts.

3. Plastic: Look for laser cutting equipment with a vector grid that will elevate the plastic in order to cut it accurately. It should have air assist as plastic flames when its cut. The laser beams will vary between 200 and 800 watts depending upon the thickness of the plastic you are laser cutting.

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When laser cutting large format items, you need a table that is at least 52 inches wide. The tables also need to be high speed in order to be cost effective. Expect to pay a large sum for these laser machines. There is also the option to lease them.

Contact Laser Photonics for industrial laser machines with an engraving feature.

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If you are running a small business, you probably don't have the need or demand for an industrial laser cutter. They take up a lot of room and are expensive to operate. However, if laser cutting is part of your business you can buy a 65 watt laser cutter in a quick-assembly kit.

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When you are first starting a business and are unsure how profitable it will be, it is a good idea to start with used equipment. Used doesn't mean low quality. Used laser cutting machinery comes refurbished for almost half the price.
  • Choose laser cutting machines that are meant for the type of material you will most often be laser cutting. If you are laser cutting various materials, spend the extra money for a multifunctional machine to save on repair costs in the future.

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