Leather Office Chairs Key Terms

Take a seat in the lap of luxury with leather office chairs key terms

Being soft to the touch and comfortable to sit on makes leather the most popular type of office chair on the market today, and if you're in the market for new chairs, knowing some leather office chairs key terms could net you a better buy. In addition to being soft and comfortable, leather also is considered classy and prestigious -- which explains why most executive chairs are upholstered in leather. Although black is far and away the most popular color choice, leather office chairs are available in a wide range of colors.

Before heading out on your leather office chair shopping trip, there are a few good-to-know terms you would be wise to keep in mind:

Split leather

Split leather is a lower-quality leather that comes from the fleshy underside of the cowhide. It is not as soft to the touch and is more difficult to work with than higher quality leather. Split leather is not recommended for chairs that get a lot of daily use.

Top grain

Top grain leather, the outer layer found on a cowhide, is considered very high quality leather. It is much more durable and softer to the touch than split leather. Most leather office chairs are upholstered in top grain leather.

Button tufted

Button-tufted leather office chairs are what many would think of as traditional executive office chairs. The backrest has buttons that are sewn through the upholstery surface and tied down, often creating geometric patterns.

Mesh back

Mesh-back, or ventilated, office chairs offer the comfort of ventilation in the backrest via a breathable mesh fabric.

Brass tack trim

Brass tack trim refers to brass tacks that are a popular accent on more traditional leather office chairs. The trim typically is found on the arms of the chair.

Executive wood

Executive wood, or wood frame accent, is a popular variation of typical leather office chairs in that the chair is accented with wood around the armrests and on the base.

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