Letterpress and Screen Printing Services

Put a modern spin on vintage letterpress and screen printing services

Letterpress printing and screen printing are two different types of printing but they have many aspects in common. Both involve 3-dimensional blocks or plates that are used to make the image. Letterpress is the type of printing Ben Franklin used, and it was the most common type of printing up through the middle of the 20th century. More modern methods have supplanted letterpress and altered the process of screen printing so that it's very different from the old fashioned methods.

Old fashioned letterpress equipment is a dinosaur in the modern printing industry. However, many old letterpress machines have been refurbished by a new generation of craft printers, or are used alongside modern equipment. Screen printing provides various ways to print on all types of surfaces, but the old fashioned methods are still in use by niche printers.

There is room for all types of printing applications in today's marketplace:

1. Many businesses purchase fine stationery and business cards printed on letterpress printing equipment.

2. Corporations and small businesses imprint all types of apparel with corporate logos or business designs using screen printing techniques.

3. Modern screen printing processes provide business signs, product containers and labels for industrial use.

Make a statement with unique printing products from letterpress printing services

Give your business a distinctive image by having your stationery printed using letterpress printing services. Make a great first impression by handing out letterpress business cards to your clients. Capture the ambiance of a bygone era by ordering letterpress invitations, menus or programs for a special event.

Take advantage of the variety of products available from screen printing companies

Use screen printing services, also called silk screen printing, to order handsome and conspicuous custom-designed apparel to identify or advertise your business. Have almost any type of label printed on virtually any product, from CDs to paint cans, by industrial screen printing companies. Advertise your business with screen printed signs.

Purchase letterpress and screen printing supplies and machines

Most printing is best left to the professionals. If you're in business as a fiber artist, consider purchasing machines and supplies to start offering this type of printing as an off-shoot of your small business.
  • Many of the letterpress and screen printing service websites have galleries showing pictures of their products. If you're not sure what you want your printed product to look like, spend some time browsing for inspiration.

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