Long Distance Discount Operators and Resellers Key Terms

Reap financial rewards by learning long distance discount operators and resellers key terms

Long distance resellers are companies that buy phone services from an original host company and then resell those services to customers at discount rates. Since resellers aren't responsible for the costs of maintaining and operating these phone systems they are able to offer these services to customers at highly discounted rates. For business owners who are interested in becoming resellers, it's essential that they learn long distance discount operators and resellers key terms. These terms not only label the services offered, they also describe the functionality of reseller and hosting services. So, take the time to learn these key terms so that soon you can increase your business revenue.

PIN-less dialing

PIN-less dialing is a long distance operator service that lets users register multiple phone numbers which they regularly use for business and personal calls. Since the company registers the numbers, you don't need to use a personal identification number (PIN), which will make dialing and receiving calls from those numbers more efficient and productive.


Station-to-station calling is a service that allows callers to use devices like fax machines and modems to dial calls. Since these devices can make calls, but not request certain callers to answer them, a station-to-station call allows users to receive calls from these devices without operator assistance.

Affiliate programs

Many long distance reseller companies offer affiliate programs as a way to offer their services to customers who then network these services to other customers and businesses. After signing up for VoIP affiliate programs, customers receive various marketing tools such as websites, where they post information about the long distance carrier. When someone signs up to the service, then the VoIP affiliate program makes money too.

Reseller hosting

Reseller hosting is when a business buys a reseller hosting plan or a dedicated server and then starts its own separate company that sells those long distance hosting services to users. Many businesses are buying reselling hosting plans as a way to increase business revenue while also receiving the benefits of marketing their business services to long distance customers.

Simultaneous connections

Simultaneous connections are multiple phone lines that connect through a teleconference platform. There are calling companies that offer simultaneous connections to companies which host fewer conference calls to a small amount of connections, and ones catering to those requiring larger connections of fifty or more.

Customizable and promotional phone cards

Customizable and promotional phone cards offer business owners a way to increase business profitability while also promoting the business. Customize phone cards by printing business logos or art to promote the reseller hosts phone services. By using customizable phone cards, both the reseller and the host company profit while giving the customer long distance phone service at a discount price.

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