Louisiana Corporation and Partnership Law for Beginners

Comply with state laws by learning Louisiana corporation and partnership law for beginners

Understanding Louisiana corporation and partnership law for beginners can help you get your Louisiana business pursuits off on the right track. You can choose to form a sole proprietorship, limited partnership, limited liability company or a corporation in the state of Louisiana. Keep in mind that under Louisiana corporate law, LLCs and corporations offer the most liability protection in Louisiana when compared to other types of business structures.

To help you obtain information about Louisiana corporation and partnership law for beginners, you should:

1. Identify acceptable and available company names under Louisiana incorporation laws.

2. Review entity features outlined under Louisiana partnership law so you can determine which format of corporation is best for your business style and needs.

3. Seek advice on completing Louisiana LLC forms to set up your corporation properly.

Name your company in compliance with Louisiana corporate law

When forming a corporation in Louisiana, businesses can choose from various business types. When choosing a business structure, naming is important. Under Louisiana incorporation laws, owners looking to start a corporation must have a company name that ends in "Corporation, "Incorporated," "Limited" or any recognizable abbreviation of these words. The name also can't be similar to the registered names of other businesses. Individuals looking to form a Louisiana limited liability company must choose a name ending with "Limited Liability," "LC," "LLC," or "L.L.C."
Louisiana Secretary of State.

Evaluate structure options available under Louisiana partnership law

Under Louisiana corporation and partnership law, you can choose to form a general partnership or a limited partnership. A Louisiana limited partnership holds limited partners liable for the amount of debt equal to the amount of their investment in partnership. Louisiana corporate law also has laws that permit the formation of a limited liability partnership. Under this business structure, partners don't have personal liability. This law includes certain restrictions and exemptions.

File all required paperwork to start a corporation in Louisiana

Under Louisiana incorporation laws, businesses must file Articles of Incorporation with the Secretary of State before they can begin operating a business in the state. A Louisiana corporate attorney or a professional incorporation service firm can help you complete the necessary paperwork required to start a corporation in Louisiana. By talking to a professional, you can also obtain in-depth information about Louisiana incorporation laws. However, if you are familiar with Louisiana corporation law, you can download all of the LLC forms you will need off of the Internet.
  • It's important that before starting a corporation in Louisiana that you thoroughly consider your company's current and anticipated needs and goals.