Lubricants Additives

Lengthen the life of your business equipment with additives for lubricants

Information about lubricant additives can make a big difference in the longevity of your vehicle fleet. Whether you own cars for rental or taxiing, trucks and vans for delivery, or heavy diesel trucks for shipping or construction, incorporating lubrication additive into your engine and transmission oil can increase the efficiency and lifetime of your vehicles.

As with many products for cars and trucks, each lubricant additive is designed for use with a specific type of oil or grease. You need the product made for your type of engines and gear boxes. Whether light or heavy, regular or diesel, your vehicles need the right additives to improve performance and lengthen life. Use this guide to determine your requirements for:

1. Lubrication additives for regular automobile engines

2. Heavy diesel engine lube additives

3. Gear box and transmission lubricants additives

Get the best lubrication additives for your vehicle fleet

Efficiency is a key to good business, and keeping equipment in good shape is part of that efficiency. Making your business vehicles last as long as possible means less money for maintenance, repairs and new cars. Prolong the life of your fleet by looking into the advantages of additive for lubricant oils. Cut down on the wear and tear that damages your engines and keep your cars running better for a longer time.

Keep your diesel truck engines running smoothly with heavy-duty lubricants additives

Like regular car engines, diesel engines can benefit from the use of additives in lubricants. As the owner of a trucking fleet or construction equipment, you can delay the cost of overhauls, repairs and replacements. By enhancing the lubrication of your diesel engines with the right products, you can minimize damage from heat and friction, thereby making your engines last longer and saving yourself money in the future.

Take care of your vehicles' transmissions and gear boxes with additives for lubricants

Engines aren't the only components that can benefit from lube additive. Transmissions and gear boxes also contain moving metal parts that require oils and lubricants, so additives can keep these machines working well, too. Get lubricant additives information and find out what products can increase the life and efficiency of your transmissions, making your fleet that much more dependable and productive.
  • Be aware of the brand and grade of oil and lubricants that you already have in your vehicles. Different lubrication additives are designed to work with different grades and viscosities, so make sure you use the ones made for your oil.