Mailing Tubes

Find shipping tubes to fit your business needs

The mailing tube is not just another office supply; or at least you shouldn't label it as one. Using good quality mailing cylinders can mean the difference between getting that next client and falling short of your goal. When you're sending documents or a product that you've spent weeks preparing, it's important to find a good quality mailing tube to deliver that product intact and in perfect condition.

Sometimes mailing tubes become your line of advertising. In those cases, it is equally important to find a well-designed, eye-catching tube that can convey your business message.

1. Select shipping tubes based on their quality and look.
2. Look for sturdy, well-made tubes to use for heavy or very important products.
3. Find colored, clear or other mailing cylinders to use as advertising tools.

Look for mailing tube options

When choosing mailing tubes, the two most obvious decisions to make are what color tubes you want and what types of end closures the tubes will have.

Find tubes that will get your product there safely

If your company needs mailing tubes to send heavy items or protect important documents, extra-strength mailers or water-resistant tubes are the right choice.

Search for sound or music mailing tubes

Want to send a message with your mailing tube? Consider making it a very personal message, so personal, you record it yourself.

Get odd shaped mailing tubes

Mailing tubes aren't always cylinder shaped. Sometimes what you really need is a triangle-shaped tube or a square container to send your product.

Find clear plastic mailing tubes

When you're sending a product or information flyer you want everyone to see, a clear plastic mailing tube is the way to go.

Look for adjustable cardboard mailing tubes

Businesses that need to mail many sized items should order adjustable mailing tubes wholesale.
  • Mailing tubes have other good office uses. Display products or important documents in clear tubes for easy employee access.

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