Making the Most of Bank Foreclosures

Building a team of professionals helps you maximize your bank foreclosures

Many new investors assume that all they need to get started in the bank owned homes business is some basic foreclosure information, a bank loan and bank foreclosure listings. This is not the case. The reality is that successful investors work with teams of professionals in order to invest in bank foreclosed homes. If you're not an expert on every aspect of property buying, making the most of bank foreclosures means working with professionals who can help you with the legal, financial and other aspects of investing.

Investors buying bank owned foreclosures often work closely with mentors, lenders, attorneys, title companies, marketers, contractors and other professionals. It is true that these professionals' services cost money, but scrimping can mean falling prey to the many pitfalls--such as title issues or legal wrangles--that can cost you your profits. If you are serious about buying houses foreclosed by banks, consider:

1. Working with a mentor program to avoid making mistakes on your first bank owned properties.

2. Hiring an attorney to avoid zoning problems, due diligence issues and other legal problems.

3. Seeking loans from lenders who work with real estate investors.

Hire a coach or mentor in order for guidance throughout the bank foreclosure investment process

When you are putting together your first bank foreclosure purchase, you may be confused about the many legal, contracting and management details surrounding the real estate deal. For the new investor, there are many potential pitfalls, and a good coach or mentor can help you avoid many of them. Coaching services allow you to ask your mentor specific questions related to your deals and offer personalized help from experienced investors.

Work with an attorney to avoid any legal hassles when investing in bank owned homes

While legal issues are less common with a bank foreclosure than with other real estate deals, because the bank usually takes care of title problems and tenant evictions, hiring a good attorney is still essential. An attorney with experience in bank foreclosed homes can help you with zoning issues, contract questions, due diligence and other legal matters that can affect investors' ability to buy houses foreclosed by banks.

Borrow money from a lender that understands the special needs of bank foreclosure investors

Making the most of bank foreclosures means getting a good loan that comes with a good rate. While the bank selling a foreclosure will often offer you a mortgage, you may be able to find a better rate by shopping around. Make sure you work with lenders that understand the special needs of investors-- these lenders will understand that you need money quickly and that you need a good rate that is based on your income potential.
  • When looking for professionals offering bank foreclosure information and services, do your research. Many professionals in the real estate industry are very knowledgeable, but some lack scruples or are improperly trained. Always ask about a professional's specific experience in working with real estate investors before entering a business relationship. Ask for and check references carefully to make sure you are working with people who can really help you.