Making the Most of Michigan Public Records

Find information on individuals or property with public records for Michigan

Making the most of Michigan public records will require you to have a guide or referral. You can conduct Internet searches of many government agencies for free but you will spend a lot of time looking at irrelevant links and websites if you have no idea where to start.

You will first need to obtain some basic information on the individual or property you are seeking Michigan court records on. For example, if you are seeking information on an individual, it will be helpful to know some addresses where that person has previously lived.

There are three general types of public records in Michigan:

1. Michigan criminal records that include files on registered sex offenders, past convictions or current information on current inmates in a particular prison. These records can help you investigate individuals such as prospective employees.

2. Michigan vital records such as census records, consumer protection information or legislation minutes. You may find these records helpful when researching a product or political candidate.

3. Real estate records like property appraisals, ownership and taxes. These types of records can be useful when buying or selling a home.

Find Michigan public court records from local government agencies

City and county clerks in Michigan can frequently provide a great deal of current information on an individual when you know their name and address.
Michigan courts website lists the courts in Michigan and also has a site search. The Official State of Michigan Portal provides a list of each city in Michigan along with the county and website when available.

Learn more about the laws regarding Michigan public records

The records that are publicly available vary widely by state. You will want to have at least a general idea of what information you can expect to find before conducting your search.
Office of the Attorney General for Michigan provides links to various documents regarding Freedom of Information Acts. The Department of State for Michigan offers instructions on how to obtain a driving record in Michigan.

Perform searches of specific databases of Michigan public records

Many cities and counties in Michigan maintain a variety of records on individuals and property that are freely available to the general public.
Macomb County Clerk has Michigan divorce records available in addition to other vital records for Macomb County.
  • Exhaust free sources of information before you consider paying for Michigan birth records. Sites that charge a fee may only provide information you could obtain elsewhere for free. Fortunately, libraries frequently subscribe to services that you would normally need to pay a fee to access. You should also bear in mind that many public records are simply not available online.

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