Making the Most of Mortgage Lenders in Michigan

Find the best Michigan mortgage companies and buy your new home

Choosing a mortgage lender from the many available choices is usually the most challenging step in making the most of mortgage lenders in Michigan. Your best strategy is to select a large number of mortgage lenders and eliminate candidates as you make your criteria more selective. Ask mortgage companies to provide a quote with the same terms so they will be easy to compare.

A mortgage broker can help you save time in your search for Michigan mortgage loans. However, they are not able to negotiate terms you would not be able to get for yourself and are not obligated to get the best deal for you. There are three things you can do to locate the best mortgage lending company in Michigan for your needs:
  1. Ensure your mortgage broker has specific expertise in your local real estate market. Housing markets can vary greatly over a short distance.
  2. Check records with better business groups and government sources to ensure a Michigan mortgage company is reputable.
  3. Search online to find the terms for a variety of mortgage lenders in Michigan. While the interest rate is important, there are other terms you should also consider.

Search for reputable mortgage brokers in Michigan

Michigan mortgage brokers are closely regulated and there are a variety of online resources you can use to investigate a mortgage broker's credentials.

Find a directory of mortgage lenders in Michigan

There are a variety of websites that allow you to select a list of mortgage lenders by state. These sites typically provide other criteria as well.

Research mortgage companies in Michigan

There are many research sites in Michigan that provide information independent of any one mortgage lender. They may be able to offer specific advice on the housing market in your area and frequently have other resources to help you in your search for a mortgage loan.
  • An independent broker will charge you a fee upfront, but will contact a larger number of Michigan mortgage lenders. Tied mortgage brokers don't require an upfront fee, but only work with select lenders. These brokers usually get a commission from the lender upon approval of the loan.