Making the Most of Paint Distributors and Wholesalers

Let paint distributors and wholesalers help your clients and advance your small business

Whether your business is in architecture, decorating, or construction, you need to make the most of your paint distributors and wholesalers. These days wholesalers don't just provide products in bulk, they oftentimes help you fulfill other significant needs. When picking and choosing the ideal distributor, determine your business's objective and how potential distributors can help you meet it.

By making the most of paint distributors and wholesalers, you can build strong relationships with them. Additionally, you can limit the number of distributors you purchase from. Consider the following when selecting a wholesale paint distributor that is right for your clients' needs:

1. With the environment an issue more now than ever, consider partnering with paint suppliers that offer green, eco-friendly paints.

2. Many paint product wholesalers provide product samples so you can better determine your purchasing needs.

3. The customer service provided by your paint wholesaler reflects on the service to your customer, so make sure it meets your needs and the needs of your clients.

Choose wholesale paint distributors that can help you grow your businesses

With so much competition out there, many paint distributors offer additional resources above and beyond selling paint wholesale to stay on top of the market. Many distributors offer software, color visualizers and other business enhancement tools.

Take advantage of membership opportunities and benefits from wholesale paint distributors

Signing up as a preferred member of a paint distributor can prove beneficial. Many offer discounts, reward points and other additional services. Some warehouses will assign you to an individual contact who can keep track of your specific requirements, and thereby foster a long-term business relationship.

Select paint distributors that offer ongoing educational opportunities

As a business owner, you should stay current with the trends in your industry. Many paint wholesalers can help you do this by offering classes, workshops and seminars on painting techniques. Take advantage of these opportunities so you can offer your clients a wider range of options.
  • If you choose a paint supplier that offers a diverse selection of products, you can accommodate a wide variety of projects, thus building your buying power and increasing your discount opportunity.

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