Making the Most of Prefabricated Buildings

Making the most of prefabricated buildings means more space for less money

Prefabricated buildings almost always save time and money compared with building from scratch because companies pre-build them and then assemble them on site. Commercial prefabs range from small office trailers and storage sheds to multistory office buildings and warehouses. With such a huge variety of options, choosing and making the most of prefabricated buildings is no small task.

While steel buildings are the most common, other materials such as wood or even concrete reinforced foam make these structures stand the test of time. Ecological friendliness and low maintenance designs make these buildings a smart choice for the future of your business. What must you consider when searching for the right prefab building to meet your needs?

1. Location, location, location. Consider not only the size but also the landscape of the building site before choosing a prefabricated structure. It is much easier to work with the land you have rather than making major modifications.

2. Size matters. Manufactures quote prices based on size so know what you want before you compare. If your needs change later, many prefab structures have options to make future expansion easy.

3. Customize. Decide what features you must have.

Choose between modular or steel prefabricated buildings

Modular commercial prefabs are best for office and retail space. The size of individual modules is limited, but modules fit together seamlessly in multiple layouts and can be stacked in multiple stories. If you need to enclose a large space, a pre-built steel building allows for higher ceilings and up to about 150 feet of width without interior columns.

Think outside the box when choosing your new prefabricated building

Some of the best prefabricated structures available don't come in traditional rectangular shapes. A dome shaped building can be very economical to build and even more economical to heat and cool. You can assemble them on site quickly and they are very low maintenance.

Save money by renting a prefabricated building

If your needs for space are only temporary, there are options. Whether you need an office or storage space, you can have one or a hundred small prefab buildings delivered to your site quickly so you can start doing business or expanding at a new location.
  • Don't forget to make it yours. Manufactured structures can sometimes have a cold and sterile feel to them. The personal touches are what make for a pleasant working environment. While bright colors may not be appropriate for interior or exterior walls, a vibrant rug or other accent can brighten moods and make customers and employees feel welcome.
  • Make your dream of owning a brand new home a reality. Most of the resources used in this article also apply to residential prefabs. Today's prefabricated homes are truly luxury living.

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