Making the Most of Promotional Portable Cup Holders

Using promotional portable cup holders to benefit your business

Promotional portable cup holders are both fun and practical at the same time. Portable cup holders can be used to keep either cans or bottles cold while promoting your business at the same time. You can get a little creative when ordering your promotional portable cupholders to make sure that your custom cup holders stand out. Consider bold colors or designs that ensure your promo cup holders will be noticed.

Portable cup holders can be used for a variety of beverages, too: soda, beer, water . . . pretty much anything you want to keep cold. Keep these tips in mind when making the most of promotional cup holders:

  1. Give out can portable cup holders along with one of your products in a can.
  2. At your next professional conference or trade show, hand out a water bottle to attendees, complete with a bottle portable cup holder to keep it cold.
  3. Choose an out-of-the-box design for your cup holder that closely represents your company.

Order can portable cup holders to promote your products

Consider offering a can portable cup holder with the purchase of one of your canned beverage products. This can serve as an extra incentive for first time buyers. Then even after they have consumed your product, they can continue to use the portable cup holder for future purchases and to advertise your business at the same time.

Send a bottle portable cup holder home with the attendees of your next conference

Offer bottle portable cup holders as one of the giveaways at your next professional conference or trade show. Put a bottle of water inside the cup holder for extra points with the conference-goers.

Find portable cupholders that aren't a simple design

Everyone has seen portable cup holders that are the shape of the can or the bottle they are covering. But what about choosing something a little different? Find a design that has something to do with your company and hand out as promotional giveaways. Potential customers are unlikely to forget something so unique.
  • Be aware of who you give your business portable cup holders to. Although they can be used for any beverage served in a can or bottle, they are traditionally associated with alcoholic beverages. As the business owner, you want to be sensitive to the image that cup holders may give and use only with an appropriate crowd.

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