Making the Most of Real Estate Applications and Forms

Use real estate applications and forms for all of your clients' properties

Real estate forms and applications for real estate are legal forms that your company will need to use to sell your clients' properties and help them buy new properties. There are many different forms needed for both buying and selling your clients' properties. By knowing how and when to use these forms properly, you'll be making the most of real estate applications and forms.

The most common types of legal forms for real estate you'll use are real estate purchase forms and real estate contracts. If your company handles commercial real estate, you'll also use commercial real estate applications. Consider these options when making the most of real estate applications and forms:

1. Learn how to find and use real estate purchase forms.

2. Learn how to find and use real estate contract forms.

3. Learn how to find and use a commercial real estate application.

Find real estate purchase forms

The real estate purchase agreement form is the contract that states the seller agrees to sell and the buyer agrees to buy under a set of certain terms and conditions. These forms are available for purchase off the Internet, listed by state with state-specific terms included, or you can purchase a kit that includes all of the required forms to make a real estate purchase.

Find real estate contract forms

The real estate contract form is the contract for the actual sale of the property. They are state-specific and on the Internet by state. Contracts for adding addendums to the sale of a property are also on the Internet. You can also find commercial real estate contracts for businesses.

Find a commercial real estate application

Commercial real estate is the purchase or lease of a property for the use of a business. There are other forms, other than the contract, that you'll need to use for setting up the lease. Most commercial real estate will involve leasing a space for your clients' businesses. These leases are on the Internet, and you can create your own, specifically for your individual clients.
  • If you or another employee in your office wishes to became a licensed Realtor, you can find Realtor applications on the Internet.

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