Making the Most of Refurbished Copiers

Avoid the pitfalls of buying used copy machines

Refurbished copiers can save you the expense of a new copy machine purchase, but they can also bring you unwanted problems. A refurbished copy machine may not have all the features of a new copier, it may have been overused by its previous owner and its warranty may be expired.

Making the most of refurbished copiers means you need to properly research refurbished copy machines and suppliers of refurbished copiers before you make a purchase. This includes:

1. Making sure any refurbished copiers you buy are in good working condition;

2. Figuring out which pre-owned copiers can meet all the demands of your office;

3. And determining your need for a refurbished color copier.

Make Sure that Any Refurbished Copy Machines You Purchase are Properly Refurbished
You don't want to buy refurbished copy machines that are just dusted off and resold. Your used copiers should have been given a complete inspection by a certified technician. This means that any used copier you purchase should also come with a warranty of at least 30 to 90 days. 

Get Used Copiers that Can Keep Up With Your Monthly Usage
Whether you are buying new or used business copiers, you want to be sure that the copiers you buy can meet the demands of your office. You don't want employees to be waiting around for copies to be made, and you don't want to work the machine to the point that it breaks down. 

Decide if You Need Used Copiers that Print in Color
Color copiers are a great way to print stunning projects and proposals. However, color copy and imaging machines, even used ones, are quite a bit more expensive than standard black-and-white copiers. As an alternative, you can always outsource your color copies. So before you spend the money on refurbished color copiers, decide if the convenience is worth the added expense. 
Most copiers have a counter on them that can tell you the number of copies that the machine has made over its lifetime (similar to an odometer on a car). Check this number before purchasing refurbished copiers.

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