Making the Most of Restaurant Booths

Find ways to make dining booths work for your restaurant

Dining booths are a common piece of furniture in many restaurants. They are available in a varied selection of styles and sizes. Plastic, wood and upholstered booths are available in round, curved and straight models. Purchasing your booths is only the beginning.

You can use booths in numerous ways. Restaurant booths are more than just a place to sit. Consider these suggestions if you are interested in making the most of restaurant booths in your business:

1. Add more seating space to your dining room by strategically placing dining booths.

2. Encourage guests to get comfortable while they are waiting for a table, food or the rest of their party.

3. Use booths to increase the storage space in your restaurant.

Maximize seating using single restaurant booths

If space is a consideration in your dining room, consider placing single booths with the backs along a wall. Once you do this, add tables in front of the booths and place chairs on the open side of the table. By doing this, you not only maximize seating, you can also accommodate parties that need to seat a guest in a wheel chair but, have some people in the party that prefer dining booths. Remember to leave spaces between the table for easy access to the booth seating.

Make waiting for a table comfortable with restaurant booths

Placing restaurant booths in the waiting area or lobby of your restaurant gives customers a comfortable place to sit while waiting for a table or the rest of their party to show up. A booth in the lobby is also a good place for customers who want a take out order to peruse the menu and wait on their order without taking up a dining room table. Consider ordering a designer or extra plush booth to make the waiting area inviting.

Store items inside a restaurant booth

Many makers of restaurant booths manufacture booths with removable seats to make cleaning the booths easier. These booths also make an ideal storage space for numerous items. If you place a small riser inside the booth base, you can store boxes of old employee files. Portable vacuum cleaners, decorations and non-combustible cleaning supplies can also be stored in booths.
  • Avoid bolting restaurant booths to the floor or wall if possible to make cleaning the booths and area around them easier.

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