Management Theory of Henry Mintzberg

Utilize the management theory of Henry Mintzberg

Mintzberg's theory stems from observations of managers actually managing - not theories developed in the academic environment - and he challenges traditional management theory by focusing on the office to the classroom. Due to his unconventional beliefs, it is common to hear Henry Mintzberg referred to as a rebel and an innovative influence within the business community.

The management theory of Henry Mintzberg states that managers learn how to manage from experience in the workplace - not in a classroom that focuses on analysis and technique. He believes MBA programs should require work experience, so executives improve their managing abilities through application. Then managers learn to value human skills more than a taught system. When learning applies an actual event, a unique management style develops to fit your organization. When shifting managerial practices to follow the Henry Mintzberg theory, consider the following:

1. Search for available information regarding the Mintzberg theory, so you have a base of understanding.

2. Learn from experiences in the workplace and examine your experiences with a Mintzberg theory perspective.

3. Develop a unique management style that is appropriate for success in your organization, and begin Mintzberg theory application.

Read articles and books authored by Henry Mintzberg

MBA programs do not teach the management theory of Henry Mintzberg, but you have the opportunity to educate yourself. Henry Mintzberg has written numerous articles and books that challenge basic management theories and provide detailed outlines of his theory. Take time to read articles and books penned by Henry Mintzberg and revolutionize the way your company operates.

Observe and explore areas to utilize Mintzberg's theory

Mintzberg's theory supports the belief that the workplace is a classroom and encourages experiential learning. In fact, the basis of his theory begins with observations of people actually managing. His theories have a strong foundation and you must have the creativity to develop a style suited for your business.

Apply the Mintzberg theory in your management

Mintzberg has definitive, yet flexible beliefs regarding managers and management. He sites ten roles managers use concurrently and combines these roles into three interpersonal categories to represent different managerial levels in an organization. Given the number of roles these leaders play your business, it is important to dedicate the time for improvement.
  • There is no right or wrong when applying the Henry Mintzberg management theory. It has a firm foundation regarding manager development, yet it is flexible enough to adjust to your individual business.