Management Theory of Margaret Wheatley

Apply theories by Margaret Wheatley to small business management

Margaret Wheatley's Chaos theory can offer a fresh approach to business management. Her work explores the concepts of dismantling a top-down leadership style, self-organizing work relationships and leaderless groups in the workplace. When companies resort to creative alternatives, it's an example of the management theory of Margaret Wheatley. Chaos, according to theories by Margaret Wheatley, provokes an opportunity for creative problem solving to fix the crisis at-hand. The small business owner that buys supplies from a local company during a fuel shortage is loosely applying Wheatley’s Chaos theory.

Many domestic and international companies operate in line with Margaret Wheatley’s Complexity theory. The owner that functions as an accountant by day and hostesses at night in a family business is using the complexity theory of Margaret Wheatley. The practice of management theory is the method employed by a business leader to structure daily operations. Consider the following ways to implement a new management theory business approach:

1. Recognize theories by Margaret Wheatley when engaging in business with other companies.

2. Seek out a consultant familiar with key principles of Margaret Wheatley's management theories.

3. Train in-house staff about the benefits of Margaret Wheatley and Chaos theory.

View Margaret Wheatley's work in the global business environment

Margaret Wheatley is a business consultant and the founder of a global non-profit company. Purchase DVDs, books and materials to understand and learn the practical application of Margaret Wheatley's management theory. Business leaders interested in Chaos theory can also attend workshops and conferences. Wheatley travels and speaks at conferences around the country and abroad, as well as conducts training seminars for companies.

Hire a leadership consultant familiar with theories by Margaret Wheatley

There are management consultants who specialize in Chaos theory or key principles such as self-organizing work groups and change management. Select a company experienced in alternative and new business management consulting.

Apply theories by Margaret Wheatley to meet specific needs

There are a variety of models in business management using information by Margaret Wheatley. Healthcare, social organizations and governmental agencies are benefiting from the non-traditional business management approach.
  • It's not necessary to obtain a formal degree in Management Theory to apply information about Margaret Wheatley to your business operations. There are books, teleseminars, training materials and DVDs available for purchase.