Management Theory of Mary Parker Follett Education and Training

Follett's management theory offers businesses an integrated and cooperative management approach

The Mary Parker Follett management theory has added greatly to the modern understanding of conflict resolution and the empowerment of the business employee. Studying Mary Parker Follett theory helps managers and small business owners make positive changes in the management and leadership of their organizations.

By understanding roles and promoting self empowerment, Mary Parker Follett provided employees and employers with leadership theories that gave the individual a reason to learn and grow as well as fix problems without orders or specific directions. Learning about Mary Parker Follett management theories lets the individual explore options for their small business. When considering the Mary Parker Follett theory of management:

1. Understand the Management Theory of Mary Parker Follett is just one approach to working with employees

2. Know that Follett's theory is about teamwork and individual empowerment

3. Realize that you can easily apply the Mary Parker Follett management approach to today's workplace

Learn about Mary Parker Follett theories to offer practical solutions to office dilemmas

The writings and business analysis of Mary Parker Follett heavily focuses on organizational structure. Learning about Mary Parker Follett's management theories in easy-to-follow language with explained terminology makes it easier to turn management education into practical leadership solutions. Articles offering information about Mary Parker Follett educate the business leader on the personality behind the theories.

Use books to help understanding the management theory of Mary Parker Follett education and training

In the case of Mary Parker Follett, there are a number of publications that people use as textbooks. For the office manager or business owner, selected texts (such as Prophet of Management and Dynamic Management) will prove more useful in the office environment or as employee teaching tools than others. Publications and Management Theory manuals often contain information on Follett in more modern language than the original text.
The New State available online.

Hire consultants that specialize in the theories of Mary Parker Follett

For a more hands-on training approach, you may want to consider hiring a consultant or management training company that focuses on Follett's theories. This allows you to learn as you interact with others and gives you the opportunity to receive answers to your questions.

  • Contacting the local business college to inquire as to when they will discuss Follett management theory in their class may elicit an invitation (no fee) to attend the lecture.